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Content Marketing for Vacation Rentals

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Content Marketing for Vacation Rental Companies

Content drastically increases your online visibility, and it can help drive potential guests and homeowners to your website. Content and SEO go hand-in-hand; In fact, it’s difficult to have a sound SEO strategy without consistent content creation. In order to be effective, content should be engaging, informative, and more valuable than what can be found on other sites. At Studio82, we produce high quality, optimized content (blogs, area guide info, brand content) to help support your vacation rental website.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content Strategy

Our Approach to Content Creation

Through keyword research and Analytics data, Studio82 builds content calendars focused on topics that will help potential guests and homeowners find your website. From experiential content like area guide info and blog posts, to transactional content like category landing pages, we capture users at all stages of the booking funnel. The end result is content that converts! 

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Keyword Research & Content Calendar

We research the keywords and topics that will help drive traffic and provide value to your website visitors. Then we create a content calendar so that we have a solid strategy for the year.


Determine Target Audiences

Content should be relevant and specific to the audience you are targeting, so we aim to create content that speaks to different types of guests and homeowners that might be interested in your services and accommodations.


Audit Current Content

It's important to know how your current website content is performing. This can help guide future content strategies, and in many cases, existing content can be improved and updated so that it remains fresh and relevant.



All content written by Studio82 is optimized for maximum exposure in the search engines. Content is only impactful if it can be found, so we focus on helping your content rank for specific terms that will drive traffic.


Publish and Promote

Once content is added to the site, we ensure it gets seen through various channels. Your enewsletters and social media platforms are a great way to promote your content and get extra eyes on these pages.


Measure Results

We keeps tabs on how the content is performing, so that we know the value it brings. Keyword rankings, website visits, user engagement, page value, and conversions/leads are all KPIs we look for with the content we create.

We Have Great Answers

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Content allows you to engage and connect with your audience and guide them towards making a purchase or following your brand in some way. 

Content builds trust with your users, it drives more people to your website, it increases brand awareness, and helps build relationships with your audience. 

That’s ok! We love collaborating with your staff, because they are truly the experts in your location. We can help provide a content strategy, implement supplemental content, or re-work and revamp existing content for more visibility.

Content is a long-term tactic, and not typically a one-and-done project. Depending on the keyword competition in the area, a blog post can start ranking for keywords within a week or two, and it can drive traffic immediately, especially if you promote it on other channels. 

Content is the fuel for your SEO strategy. A page simply can’t rank without content, so well-written content helps your business rank for more relevant keywords, which in turn drives more users to your website. 

Content is an excellent way to nurture existing guest relationships. If you provide value with useful content, people will repeatedly come back to your website and feel more loyalty for your brand. 

Google looks for fresh updates made to a website on a consistent basis. We aim for at least 1 blog post per month, but some clients are on a larger engagement where we create multiple pages each month. Ultimately, we prefer quality over quantity!

Absolutely! We have a good amount of experience building out content for brand-new websites. We typically focus on homepage content, brand content like an about us page and a property management page, and an area guide section to start. It’s important to have at least a few key pages when you launch a new website, to help with SEO and user engagement.

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